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 Post subject: Gnomeland Wants YOU!
PostPosted: Sun Feb 20, 2011 5:12 pm 
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But strictly in an official, administrative, and very platonic (yet affable and strangely sexy) way. If you're interested in joining our colorful ranks, please read the announcement below carefully. Very carefully. There may or may not be a pop quiz this week.

About Gnomeland
Gnomeland Security is an Alliance guild on the Staghelm server. Historically, Gnomeland began as a small family organization (read: mafia) that participated heavily in world PvP. It now functions as a multipurpose PvE/PvP/lulz/family guild that does basically anything that its members desire, including (but not limited to) seasonal crumpet crafting, continental potlucks, and dance parties. Most members of Gnomeland participate in both PvE and PvP activities, and each member exercises the right to participate in any, all, or none of these activities. Currently, Gnomeland is mostly focused on PvE/raiding. We have our sights set on Highmaul, Blackrock, and beyond!

Now Recruiting
Recruiting is currently OPEN to qualifying players. There are some minimum requirements for general membership.

Classes: All classes are currently welcome to apply.

Specializations: At the moment, we have a need for healers and tanks, but we will consider all capable players of any role.

Gear: There is no strict ilevel requirement, but enchanting and gemming your gear where applicable goes a long way for us. Shoot for 640-650 ilevel if possible.

As a general guideline, we value the goals of the group over the goals of the individual. If your spec, gear, or play style are causing problems for the rest of a group, you may be asked to leave to make room for another guild member until the problems have been resolved.

Experience: No specific experience is required, but strong experience may merit a stronger consideration. Raiding experience is highly desirable for PvE activities, while previous PvP experience is highly desirable for PvP activities.

Availability: We expect raiders to be able to commit at least 6 hours a week to raiding or other guild activities.

Attitude: As you might have guessed, this is the most critical of all requirements. We do not idly suffer jabronies. Players are expected to be courteous and helpful to fellow guildmates. As a general rule, we will always value concordant members over discordant ones regardless of playing ability and many other factors. Recruit-rank members who cause problems may be ejected from the guild immediately.

How to Apply
If you made it through all of that, you might just have what it takes to be a Gnomie. There are three ways to apply, listed below in order of decreasing desirability:
  1. On this website. Please see our enlistment form!
  2. In-game, by referral. If you know a member of Gnomeland, please ask that member to introduce you to an officer.
  3. In-game, by direct contact with an officer. You may contact officers directly, but please note that officers tend to be quite busy and may be unable to attend to you immediately. In light of this, sending in-game mail may be an appropriate first step.
The following officer characters have volunteered to openly receive in-game applications:
  • Khrysma - Guild Master
  • Kozma
  • Michikohime
  • Rubyrhod
  • Perkdawg
  • Tandith

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